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ADP SmartCompliance® Minimize the impact of time-consuming and costly human capital management (HCM) compliance tasks, no matter what payroll system you're using.

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A comprehensive and customizable suite of services

Does your current system or in-house process have what it takes to keep up with changes to compliance requirements, such as employment tax laws, new wage garnishment orders and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

ADP SmartCompliance is a combination of technology and service that can cover all your compliance needs. It is organized into modules that can be customized and easily scales as those needs change and your company grows.

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ADP SmartCompliance: Award-Winning Technology to Cover All Your HCM Compliance Needs - no matter what human capital management (HCM) system you're using.

ADP SmartCompliance® features and benefits

Solve your most significant HR compliance challenges

ADP SmartCompliance provides a comprehensive suite of eight customizable modules:

  • Wage Payments: Provide your employees with flexible, 100 percent electronic payment options — and save time and money
  • Employment Tax: Easily manage your employment tax filing process and remittance
  • Tax Credits: Identify and capture more tax credits and incentives
  • Wage Garnishments: Improve efficiency of wage garnishment processing and administration
  • Employment Verification: Provide secure, 24/7 access to employment and income verifications to credentialed verifiers
  • Health Compliance: Meet the demands of the evolving ACA landscape
  • Unemployment Claims: Improve claims management and help reduce unemployment costs
  • W-2 Management: Make year-end income reporting easier
40 percent

ag币游官网Of all the business owners surveyed, 40% indicate that they have experienced unintended expenses as a result of noncompliance with government regulations.

Source: ADP Research Institute®, 2017

Leverage your current platform

No matter what platform or software you use, ADP SmartCompliance Solution seamlessly integrates with the leading payroll, HR, ERP, and financial systems.

You can rely on our proven integration experience and methodologies, including our ADP Marketplace APIs and the SmartConnect™ integration platform, which enables a consistent, proven and repeatable integration approach to deliver a world class end-to-end client experience. The SmartConnect integration platform has been optimized to enable faster rollout and minimize clients’ ongoing maintenance. SmartConnect is available for most SmartCompliance services including those that manage wage payment, wage garnishment, tax credits, employment verification, and unemployment claims.

Don’t currently have a HCM/payroll system, moving to the cloud, or want to replace what you have? Talk to us about a complete solution for payroll, tax and compliance, and all of your human capital management (HCM) needs, including ADP SmartCompliance.

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Benefit from ADP’s knowledge

For decades, ADP’s deep experience has helped clients manage complex HR, tax and compliance requirements, with:

  • More than 1,000 ADP associates who are focused on evolving compliance legislation
  • More than 60 years of industry experience and knowledge
  • A team of experts who will help resolve your issues quickly; each account manager averages 8+ years with ADP

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Targeted solutions for workforce, HR and business challenges

ADP SmartCompliance is a suite of expert-led services and technology that integrates with your systems to help maintain regulatory compliance, engage workers, empower HR staff and positively affect your bottom line.

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Aug 07, 2017

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